Why Solar Energy?

• Solar energy is consistent and will power the units at a fixed rate.

• Power generation is possible even during rainy or cloudy weather.

• Solar energy does not require batteries, making it the most economical way to keep drivers safe.

Amazing Capacitor Design:

Avoid the problems associated with battery-powered markers there is no short lifespan, no decline in performance over time, and no maintenance. They are economical and easy to maintain. In fact, they are utilizing the advanced technology of a capacitor unit as an energy source! Solar Road Marker uses intelligent and sophisticated circuitry, built to conduct every required process such as generation, preservation and consumption of electric power in accordance with environmental conditions. The Capacitor uses current technology which combines the advantages of a conventional condenser and the features of a rechargeable battery for optimum functionality. The response is faster with no decline of performance over time. 

Efficient And Safe.

The concept for our products is simple: Improve road and pavement markers by increasing their visibility, preventing accidents.  Environmentally safe. The Solar Road Marker is intended for application on asphalt and concrete surfaces. The flashing LED reflectors guarantee a safe guide in all streets. They provide highly effective, long-life visibility, particularly at night, in fog and in wet weather.

What Are The Advantages?

• Prevent fatal accidents and serious injuries caused by hidden and hard-to-see center lines

• Maximize the drivers ability to maneuver through dark spots, or dangerous areas on the road

• Cost effective, easy to install and maintenance-free. Use of natural solar energy is good for environmental conservation.

Installation for 2 part Epoxy
Installation for Butyl Pads


Product Image Item Name- Price
KT-401 Solar Power Marker with Stem One-Way

KT-401 Solar Power Marker with Stem One-Way

Clearance sale! Only 10 left! Model KT-401 with Stem Material: Aluminum alloy and Polycarbonate Power: Solar Cell Power Storage: Capacitor LED : 8mm...


SFC-303-2 Solar Power Marker

SFC-303-2 Solar Power Marker

  Two-Way Flashing Housing: Aluminum alloy Solar Cell: Mono Crystalline Power Storage: Capacitor Capacitor life: 100,000 cycles Flash Output: 4...

... more info
Sold Out